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Site specific dance - UK / Norwich

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- Performed at : Viva Cité (Sotteville-les-Rouen), Out There Festival (Great Yarmouth) en 2011 ; Brighton Festival, Z’Arts Up (Béthune) and tour of the Normandy-based Z’amis festivals in 2012

- Performed at : Fish & Chips (Sotteville-les-Rouen) in 2012

Seasaw - Viva Cité (2011)

In 1999, Tilted Productions was founded by Marisa von Stockert, Artistic Director of the company.

Maresa von Stockert merges original music, devised theatre and innovative choreography that ‘ingeniously use set and props’ (according to the Scottish newspaper The Scotsman). Meaningful and current, sometimes beautifully subtle, sometimes brutally disturbing and often laced with dark humour, at the heart of Tilted’s work social and political observations. The company refuses to be classified, blurring the boundaries between dance, theatre and performance art with each of its performances.

Through a collaborative process with dancers, designers and musicians, Tilted aims to create surprising and challenging cross-artform pieces on stage, in site-specific locations and on screen.

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Seasaw - Viva Cité (2011)

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