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Celestial art - France / Eurre (Drôme)

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Mobile Homme
- Programmed at : Southampton in 2009, Truro (Cornouailles) in 2010
Lâcher de violons
- Diffusion : Guipavas (Brest) in 2009
Tambours de la Muerte
- Co-production and/or residency : Atelier 231 (2009 and 2010), Le Fourneau (2011)
- Programmed at : La Grande Veillée (Rouen) in 2010 ; Les Charrues dans la Rue (Carhaix), Archifête (Petit-Couronne), Z’arts Up (Béthune) in 2011 ; La Fête dans la Ville (Amiens) in 2012.

A wide variety of artistic genres and modes of expression are used by this team of creators without any limitations : music, visual arts, prowesses, circus, fire, literature, mechanics, metallurgy, rock, lyric art, etc. with one constant : theatre, to reveal the resolution of the company’s spectacular adventures. Hence their denomination as intervention theatre. 

For more than fifteen years now, the company has used the concept of verticality in aerial shows throughout its different productions, offering the public the best visibility, and writing down its monumental images in the maze of the city.

Transe Express was created in the eighties, from the travels and experiences of its founders Brigitte Burdin, dancer and choregrapher, and Gilles Rhode, sculptor. Based in the Rhône Alpes region for more than 25 ans, Transe Express has settled its premises in Eurre in a building called La Gare à Coulisses, a centre for street arts in the Val de Drôme area.

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Atelier 231 - La Grande Veillée

Culture Commune - Z’Arts Up, Béthune

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Le Fourneau - Temps Bourg, Guipavas

Zap Art - Hall for Cornwall

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