Tumble Circus

lundi 4 octobre 2010 , par David Jones , Jean-Marie Grall

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Tumble Circus performs an amazing array of stuns and tricks on their 7 metre high free standing trapeze rig. The show incorporates death defying stunts and humour with slap stick comedy, circus skills, audience participation, acrobatics and flying hula hoop tricks.

The audience is taken on a journey of a couple who are expecting a baby and facing money problems played out through an impressive series of acrobatic skills, and the participation of two unsuspecting audience members.

Two highlights of the show include Ken climbing a free hanging rope on the rig while performing different stunts as Je t’aime plays out over the speakers. He carries a single red rose in his mouth which he then must keep safe as he twists and entangles himself in the rope. Equally impressive is when Tina manages to keep a large number of hula hoops swinging on every part of her body as more and more are added, showing the audience her amazing stamina and physical fitness and all with a smile on her face.

The finale consists of breath taking hazardous aerial stunts from both performers as they pull off trick after trick receiving huge applause and gasps from the audience as one false move or slip would end in disaster. Tumble Circus is a great family show with amazing and mind bowling tricks, comedy and a unique opportunity to see a circus aerial show performed in the streets rather than inside a big top tent.


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