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University of Winchester’s students reception’s report from 5th to 9th October, 2010

vendredi 29 octobre 2010 , par Aude Pauchet

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This week allowed to officialize the partnership and to propose a large program of artistic meetings, street arts and French culture seminaries to the students.

Tuesday, October 5th : This week began with a presentation of the week’s program at Le Fourneau followed by a visit of the site. Then, Aurélien Marteaux, in charge of communication, has presented the Street Arts National Creation Centre’s organisation in three points :
- A creation unit, developing practical support for street arts performers, involving the local community.
- A centre for programming, outside its own boundaries, enabling encounters between street arts and audiences across Brittany
- A resource, research and training centre based on the use of in-house multimedia and IT expertise.

Wednesday, October 6th :

On Wednesday, everybody met at the University of Brest for the official signature of the agreement Erasmus linking the UBO and the University of Winchester. After a warm welcome of Marie Armelle Barbier-Le Déroff, Dean at the Faculty of Literature (UBO), signatures were exchanged between Anne-Marie Galliou-Scanvion, UBO’s Vice-President, International Relations Director, and John Lee. The Master in Performing Arts was then presented by Jean-Manuel Warnet, in charge of this training, to the students from Winchester.

To celebrate this partnership, a reception was held in the university canteen Ar Men of Brest Sciences Faculty. This event accompanied by the local press (Ouest France and Télégramme), invited representatives of both universities (Françoise Le Diffon, in charge of International Relations at the Faculty of Literature (UBO), Anne-Marie Galliou-Scanvion, Jean-Manuel Warnet, Hugues Herman, in charge of the training project “Licence professionnelle activités acrobatiques, Arts de la rue et de la piste” - Bachelor’s degree in acrobatics, Street Arts and Circus skills - and John Lee), Mathilde Vautier, elected representatives of the city of Brest, Jean Claude Lardic, Lead Member for Animation et Rebecca Fagot, Councillor, Lead Member for Youth.

This day ended by the presentation of artistic projects led by the Winchester students during there first training year.

Thursday, October 7th :

As part of La Déambule, (artistic event to welcome students organized by the town of Brest and la Communauté Urbaine de Brest Métropole Océane in partnership with Le Fourneau), the students have met Brigitte Gonzales and Bruno de Beaufort from Luc Amoros’ company. This exchange allowed to present the work of the company and more particularly the creation Page Blanche, multidisciplinary european project created at Le Fourneau in April 2009 and presented to the local population on the same evening in Place de la Liberté. This day continued by a presentation of Street Arts in France by Michèle Bosseur, co director of the Fourneau. The intervention was developed around two phases : the sector’s structuring, and then the viewing of videos on the various aesthetics.

Afterwards, Mathilde Vautier, coordinator of the European Zone of Artistic Projects has presented the ZEPA network and its website- The purpose was to explain to the students how to put on-line an article for a pratical workshop the next day.

At 5 pm, the students met Olivier Germser, Tango Sumo’s artistic director, for a presentation of the company’s shows and the project « la Marche des 1000 Danseurs », led in Brest from December 2009 to June 2010. These last ones were so able to learn about the choreography.

In the evening, each was invited to La Déambule, conceived for the Brest students. Two companies were programed : Amoros with its show Page Blanche and David Moreno with Floten Tecles.

Friday, October 8th :

In the morning, a practical workshop was proposed to the students about the ZEPA website. Indeed, they were invited to write an article about their week in Brest in order to put it on-line on the website

Early in the afternoon, a debriefing was realised with Michèle Bosseur and Claude Morizur about the use of the public place during La Déambule.

Then, Chantal Guittet, teacher and elected representative of the town of Le Relecq-Kerhuon intervened on the theme « Arts and cultural context in France ».

This week ended at Le Quartz with a show of Les cambrioleurs’ company, Notre besoin de consolation, directed by Julie Bérès, associate artist to Le Quartz.

Saturday, October 9th, the English delegation joined Roscoff and crossed the Channel to join Winchester via Plymouth.

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