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Waterlitz/Générik Vapeur

35 tons of poetry

mardi 26 juin 2012 , par Joël Verhoustraeten , Mathilde Vautier , Stéphanie Bescond (Traduction  Cécile Babin)

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Générik Vapeur and its 19 meters high totem of metal have questioned the audience about our society in danger of dehumanization.

Just like all human inventions, the importance lies in their use” said Caty Avram, co-founder of the company. With Waterlitz, Générik Vapeur has chosen to turn cold containers into a celebration of life and difference.

"This is a great vertical show allowing us to have an unusual relationship with the audience because the purpose is in the image" says Caty. A series of images unfolds on this giant of metal and matches perfectly the live played music. An original forest, the first human cultures, a polar bear drifting away from its ice-floe ... the purpose becomes clearer.

"We want to warn against the evils of globalization. We reject a standardized life. We want a diversity in both nature and society"says the singer. It is all understandable when the containers open and release objects of mass consumption. The symbolism is clear.

Gradually, the totem takes a human form. His heart begins to beat, a mouth appears. While a Scottish man is playing bagpipes, the Omni Ideal X starts dancing : "This is a very highly-specialized video creation. It is not a simple projection, this is the totem that moves. He is alive" says Caty.

Images keep coming and references to the Anglo-Saxon culture as well, starting with the famous Monty Python and Terry Gilliam’s animations. References, which point out that this creation is a co-production between France and England : "Thanks to Zepa, we worked with English teams. This allowed us to have a lot of creative freedom while having visibility over the long term. A project, which was really stimulating ! "Said Pierre Berthelot, co-founder of Générik Vapeur.

After one hour, the company closes the book with thundering fireworks. This large-scale show did not leave the audience indifferent.

Photos Article : Mathilde Vautier / Photos Portfolio : Joël Verhoustraeten


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