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Waterlitz from Générik Vapeur

vendredi 15 juin 2012 , par auteur Cécile Babin

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On this cold summer’s night, 3500 spectators crowded together on the Place Foch of Béthune to praise the Omni Idéal X , this giant of steel which has travelled all over the 9 territories since 2008. The company Générik Vapeur warmed the atmosphere up for a bit more than 1 hour.

Upcoming tour dates :

Southampton on 16th May

Fête dans la ville - on 23th and 24th May - Amiens

Viva Cité on 30th May - Sotteville-Lès-Rouen

Hat Fair on 7th May -Winchester

Les Jeudis du Port on 22th and 23th May - Brest

Out There Festival on 8th September - Great Yarmouth

Photo credits : Jean-Pierre Estournet et Jérémie Bernaert

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