Wet Picnic

Tragicomic street party – England / Winchester

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The Birthday Party

- Residencies : Atelier 231 (2010 and 2012), Le Fourneau (2011), Le Hangar (2012), Culture Commune (2012)

The Dinner Table

- Diffusions : Hat Fair (Winchester) in 2008 ; Fish & Chips #1 (Sotteville-Lès-Rouen), Pic-Nic on the Bridge (Relecq-Kerhuon) and FAR du Pays de Morlaix in 2010 ; Le Verger des Vieilles Charrues (Carhaix), Confluences Nomades (Somme) and Hat Fair in 2011 ; Les Rias in 2012

Time for tea

- Diffusions : Street Arts in Amiens and Hat Fair (Winchester) en 2011 ; Fish & Chips #3 (Sotteville-Lès-Rouen) and Les Rias in 2012

The Birthday Party

- Diffusions : Z’Arts Up and Les Z’Ailleurs (Béthune), La Fête dans la Ville (Amiens) and Les Rias in 2012

Formed in 2006 by students graduated from the University of Winchester, the Wet Picnic company offers a highly visual street theatre. Playing with daily life, they make it explode to finally reinvent it better ; using the clown and mask, the company involves the audience in a theatre of the absurd where the ordinary becomes extraordinary..

The Dinner Table - FAR du Pays de Morlaix en 2010

The Birthday Party Focussing on the themes of loneliness and memory, The Birthday Party uses clowning and buffoonery to make onlookers laugh and cry in equal manner creating a piece that is rich in complicity both visually and in its content. From moments of heartbreaking honesty to darkened humour, the party moves seamlessly between the tragic and the comic where language is replaced by physical expression and sentiment.

An intimate and touching performance which invites you to take a hat and join in the party or to watch from afar...where we find that in being lonely, you are not alone...

Site officiel : http://www.wetpicnic.com/Wet_Picnic...

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