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Wet picnic - salt and pepper, and a bit of eccentricity !

mardi 10 août 2010 , par Anne Yven (Traduction  Valérie Gooch)

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She arrives by pulling her trolley and by yelling as a seller on a market, « Come closer ! Come closer ! I come to teach you how to receive your dinner guests... » What ? Us, fine French gastronomes we are, to receive lessons on the Art of entertaining by a troop of cheeky Brits ?

And nevertheless with her Betty Boop’s airs, this tantalising brunette, all black dressed, knows how to entice the public and make him slide, in no time, within her glamorous and extravagant universe, of contagious hysteria ! Surrounded with accomplices dressed as butlers, beautiful Ursula Carrington Larrington (and company...) will find in the crowd, Harry, the gentleman boyfriend for her saucy friend Clamedia, consumed with envy and... inspired with culinary. The moral of this quite perfect diner : Expect the unexpected... because, indeed, life never lacks piquancy !


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