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Winter and Spring are getting ready for the fight

mardi 8 mars 2011 , par Aude Pauchet , Mathilde Vautier (Traduction  Aude Pauchet, Mathilde Vautier)

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This year’s King Street Mardi Gras festivities be based on a confrontation between Winter and Spring, respectively represented by the Lithuanian characters Fatso and Hempen.

Last weekend, two teams of volunteers were getting ready for the show, « trained » and briefed by companies Mark Mark Production and Générik Vapeur. With Mark Mark, organising the « Total Crepes » challenge, the volunteers take part in several challenges presented to the audience. The second group, working with Générik Vapeur, explored different ways of dealing with winter and spring and how to stage it. It will culminate in a memorable fight between two seasons which is the event finale. The audience will need to choose the winning team !

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