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Z’arts Up’s installations

mardi 4 mai 2010 , par Aurelien Marteaux , Camille Masserann , Jean-Marie Grall , Romain Lamirand (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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This weekend, the audience could enjoy various installations, each proposing an interactive experience. Indeed, one could either get into a giant camera, dress as a British gentleman or pretend to be a « domestic appliances » musician !

Throughout the festival, Willet and Patteson have welcomed the wonderers on the Grand Place. There was a long queue, especially on Saturday to get in the « Amazing Camera Oscura », a funny kind of a box, black from the inside and white outside. The mecanism, very similar to the cinema early stages, looked like a human-size black chamber, with a mobile mirror enabling an amazingly clear 360° view of the Grand Place.

Between two cycling laps (for their « Tandem » performance), Strangelings company introduced would-be participants to become 19th century British men and women. In the Hôtel Beaulincourt yard, young people turned into young seamen, girls into queens, sporty people into gentlemen, ladies into old men or little boys into tough boxers. After posing like a cliché of a British gentleman or lady, participants could bring the result, a daguerrotype-style photo, home with them.

Place du 73ème, a crowd gathered for company Al1 and Ant1’s 50 people-capacity installation. Recreating « Granny’s interior », the company presented the « saucepan poetry » ! A spirited profesor, along with his two strange accomplices, started by introducing the public to a familiar and amazingly melodic world of sounds. Then the audience could join in, discovering the joys of the sounds made by boxes of rice or creaking doors to then all create a symphony...or a domestic cacophony !

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