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ZEPA Newhaven Project

La Photo Communale

This first phase of the ZEPA Newhaven project happened successfully with approx 500 people attending Generik Vapeur’s ’La Photo Communal’ in Newhaven Town Centre on 12th March 2011. The main aim of the event was audience development as part of the community outreach programme. The local Newhaven Choir took part in the day’s proceedings, and during their stay, Generik Vapeur also met with numerous community groups, local artists, marching bands, fishermen etc. with a view to involving them in the main event in July. The project has support from Newhaven Port and Ferry company, LD Lines, Newhaven Community Development Project, Newhaven Strategic Network, Chamber of Commerce and other local organisations. Feedback has been very positive, with some good press coverage from local papers and BBC radio

’I’ve worked on this beat for over 15 years and it’s the first time I’ve seen people smiling !’

Police Office

’I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get involved in the project in July, but having seen this show I now know I definitely do.’

Tony Gibbs, Meeching Amateur Dramatic

’It was great fun last Saturday !! Really enjoyed it, as did all of my choir !’

Stella Clifford, Newhaven Choir.

’Saturday was SO good, the company GV were brilliant and managed it all beautifully as did you of course, thank you so much for sticking in there. Bodes very well for July doesn’t it !

Hilary Lane, Cultural Strategy Manager ESC

’I heard about your event but didn’t really realize how successful it would be at bringing the people of Newhaven out of their houses and into the streets. People looked as if they were really enjoying themselves for once ! Well done’

Locksmith, Newhaven High Stree ’ The Generik Vapeur event was really good & very loud, it brought lots of people into the town, and we need more of this type of event.’

Shaunagh Wallas - Library Manage

Generik Vapeur’s street theatre event in Newhaven on Saturday was a fantastic success - Zap’s doggedness in bringing all the partners together paid off. Supported by Zepa (European Zone of Artistic Projects) and in countless other ways (there are 14 logos on the promotional material including ESCC’s in recognition of our mite and LDC for their bigger one).

The success of this introductory event (giant double Decker sized camera with following band on a tractor) bodes well for the major project by this leading French Street Arts Company in Newhaven on the evening of July 16th which will include the cross channel ferry as well as other boats and spectacle on a large scale.

When I arrived just before the start the High Street was deserted but within minutes of the band’s arrival the High Street was heaving with people from Newhaven all smiling ! People will be able to see themselves reflected back in July in the form of giant photographs. It is easy to forget that this kind of work can be new to this particular audience some of whom who don’t stray as far as Brighton. Very cheering !

Hilary Lane, Cultural Strategy Manager ESC

’I saw the street theatre making its way up the High Street on Saturday and along with many other locals thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we in Newhaven Lodge enjoyed being their hosts for B&B accommodation during their stay in our town.’

Phil - Newhaven Lodge Hotel


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